1000 mile club update

On Sunday, on a quiet run by himself, Matt McBrien became the first athlete on our team to join the 2014 ‘1000 mile club,’ a prestigious status earned by running at least 1000 miles between the first official day of summer running on June 16th and the day of the Conference meet (October 18th).  In the process, Matt also became the first athlete in our program’s history to make the club in back to back years just the second individual in our programs’ history (Emmett Scully was the first) to earn 1000 mile club status in consecutive years.  I think it is safe to say that Matt is as self-disciplined an individual as you will ever meet.  His success this year has not been accidental, but a direct consequence of years of dedicated effort.  We salute him.

Matt and teammate Chris Brenk finishing the Hornet-Red Devil Invite this year (photo courtesy of ILMILESPLIT.COM)

Today, on perhaps our third loop at KLM, Josh Feldman will join Matt in the 1000 mile club.  He, too, will be achieving that status for the second year in a row.  He, too, is as self-disciplined as any athlete I’ve ever coached.  He is having an outstanding season thus far, again, directly due to his hard work.  Josh has steadily improved over his career, making improvements in each new season.  I know he will continue to do so.

Josh Feldman of Hinsdale Central at Red Deviis-Hornet Invite. | Rob Valentin/for Sun-Times Media

So, with three weeks remaining until Conference, here are our current mileage leaders:

(As of 9/29)

  1. Matt McBrien 1013.5
  2. Josh Feldman 996
  3. Stefan Rosas 850
  4. Alex Lambert 838
  5. Blake Evertsen 834
  6. Joe Griffin 808
  7. Max Maydanchki 808.5
  8. Ethan Planson 749
  9. Ryan Doorhy 733
  10. Griffin Gartner 708
  11. Chris Brenk 703.5
  12. Nick Tandle 688

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