Bidding farewell to the freshman (for now)

Today marked the final day that we met together with all members of our team.  Starting tomorrow, all of our freshman, along with members of the “blue,” “green,” “yellow,” “purple,” and “aqua” groups will begin their two weeks of active recovery before starting the training cycle again.

As the final workout for the season, we scheduled a 3200 time trial so that we could see just how far everyone has come since the beginning of the season.  Back on August 24th, when the season was in its infancy, and many team members had only had a few days of running under their belt, we’d had our initial 3200 team trial in order to formulate our training groups.  This would be our baseline for today’s time trial – after close to 8 weeks of consistent training, what fitness gains would we be able to see?

Unfortunately, mother nature did not entirely cooperate with our plans.  While yesterday brought sunny skies and a few mild breezes, today featured an overcast sky and strong wind gusts.  A frustrating aspect of track races is that the type of weather can have a major impact on the times you can run – a beautiful day is a recipe for a PR, while winds are the athlete’s greatest enemy.

I state this fact not as an excuse, but simply to provide context for today’s results.  As you will see, the improvements showed by the athletes over the season are remarkable – they would simply be even more so had we a little better day.  The great news from today is that every single athlete who ran the time trial ran a track PR and showed significant improvement from the beginning of the season.  Here are the results:

October 21, 2014 – 3200 Time Trial

50 degrees, overcast, 15-20 mph winds

Name                                  Time                     Time on 8/20                    Differential

Jaber                                   10:49                    DNR

Cumberland                       10:52                    12:21                                   -1:29

Fathizadeh                         10:56                    DNR

Kanzler                                11:01                    13:44                                   -2:43

O’Connell                           11:10                    13:38                                   -2:28

Zaher                                   11:19                    13:33                                   -2:14

Yandel                                 11:34                    12:28                                   -0:56

Chin                                     11:37                    13:42                                   -2:05

Hu                                        11:37                    DNR

Pierce                                  12:04                    DNR

Northey                              12:06                    14:52                                   -2:46

O’Donnell                           12:09                    14:29                                   -2:20

Kuzmanovksi                      12:19                    12:49                                   -0:30

Bots                                     12:53                    14:25                                   -1:32

Borys                                   12:53                    16:52                                   -3:59

Gambla                               12:55                    14:40                                   -1:45

Lotsoff                                13:07                    18:03                                   -4:55

Saltzman                            13:49                   8:06 for 1600

A.Kowalchuk                      14:20                    DNR

N.Kowalchuk                     14:25                    DNR

Thayer                                 14:42                    16:22                                   -1:40

Brorson                               14:50                    DNR

Treankler                            14:57                    18:53                                   -3:56

Stevenson                          14:59                    18:51                                   -3:52

Alvero                                  15:00                    DNR

Callan                                  15:30                    DNR

At our team meeting before the time trial, we discussed what each athlete could do if they wanted to improve as runners (#1 – commit to being a runner by deciding to do it year round).  Each guy will have to make the decision for himself about how much they want to commit to the sport.  I hope to see you all during track season!

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