“If you don’t have ammunition, you have bayonets. FIX BAYONETS!”

Today I received in my school mail box an envelope with a return address from Turkey – as in the nation, former part of the Ottoman Empire, one time home to  the mighty city of Constantinople (now Istanbul).  This letter could be from one person only: esteemed HCXC alumni Anderson “Andy” Tuggle, class of 2009.  I saw Andy last at our HCXC alumni reunion this past summer, and he had informed us of his plans for the coming year – to work at Gaziantep University in Turkey, teaching English.  Coming from Andy, this news was not entirely surprising – he’d spent the previous year living and writing in India.  Andy is a recent graduate of Hamilton College where, man after my own heart, he majored in history.  His letter and the message contained therein could not have come at a more appropriate time.  Though Andy could not have known I  would be requesting messages from parents, siblings, fans, and alumni this week to give to the team on their way to state (and here let me include a final plea – if you are reading this and have not written a note to the team yet, please take a few minutes to do so!  We’d love to hear from you – the more notes, the more powerful a testament to the power of our HC support network) his letter served exactly that function.  Further more, the advice he gave is extremely prescient – prophetic even:

Andy 1


Front of postcard

Andy 2

Wise words from a wise man (Andy, that is).  To get wishes of good luck from across the globe at such a time as this is a good omen – as the battle approaches, we will remain calm, focused on what we can control, prepared to fix the proverbial bayonets if that is all we have left to fight.

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