Momentum builds…

Last Friday, Chris Brenk asked if there might be a day this week when he could show a video to the team – he wouldn’t tell me more than that.  I agreed to bring my computer so that we could use the LCD machine to project said video onto the big screen, not knowing exactly what I was agreeing to show.  Would it be time for the semi-annual screening of the epic 1987 Jim Westhphal 3200 track state title?  That is a clip that always inspires.  However, the clip that was shown today was even more motivational – a project created by our alumni without the knowledge of the coaching staff or most team members.  I literally could not stop smiling the entire time I was watching.  The idea for this project came from Ryan Somerfield, and it was directed by Chris Kennedy.  Both are students at University of Illinois.  It is an amazing testament to how much this team means to athletes past and present:


From the class of 2014-Sam Mackenzie, Aria Darbandi, Billy Magnesen, Keaton Tatooles, Kevin Huang, Emmett Scully, Jake Hall

From the class of 2013-Ryan Somerfield, Mark Gesior, Chris Kennedy, Rajan Khanna

From the class of 2012-Neil Pedersen

From the class of 2011-Billy Fayette

From the class of 2010-Kyle Henshaw

One thought on “Momentum builds…

  1. As each of you grow older and key moments in your life occur, many high school memories will fade. I assure you that Saturday’s event will be with you always. If you give everything you have, this event will be a highlight of your life. Opportunities like this are there for very few and you are fortunate to be a part of a team that has definitely earned the right to compete for a championship.


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