Post-race euphoria

It’s been a fun week, full of truly gracious words and notes of congratulations.  To start, I must share a video clip created by Chris Brenk of the moment the team learned they were victorious.  It’s been posted on our team youtube site for several days now, but for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, it is sure to bring a smile to your face:

Truly, in our entire lives there will be few moments as amazing as that one.  It was pure, authentic, unadulterated joy.  I think I’ve watched the clip 20 times already.

I also want to share some of my favorite photographs from the past week.  Here is my absolute favorite:

For he's a jolly good fellow

For he’s a jolly good fellow

And here are a few of our amazing alums and current team members:

Waiting for results

Waiting for results



And here is one of a very memorable cool down:

Detweiller post-race

Detweiller post-race

Here is a great photo of the all-state runners, which includes 3 of our guys, and 8 total guys from the WSC-Silver, representing 6 different teams:

Class 3A boys all-state

Class 3A boys all-state

Finally, I wanted to share with our team and fans some of the letters of congratulations we’ve received.  I hope that the authors of these letters don’t mind me sharing, it is just that I want our team members to know how highly they are thought of, how much people stand in awe of their accomplishments.

Here are a few:

Hi Coach Lawrence and Coach Westphal,

Congratulations on winning state twice in a row! I was really happy to hear the news really proud of the team. Winning two years in a row is an extremely difficult feat, and it shows that the team can be dominant in the state. We can be a program as good as Hinsdale Central tennis or swimming.

We have gone so far since I joined the team as a sophomore. We didn’t really even go to state before then. Your success has made me realized how important the coaching is to the team’s success.

Running cross country was the most memorable and important (though often also difficult and painful) part of my time in high school. I sometimes still think about the two ideas that you’ve ingrained into my head – consistency and commitment. I hope we can continue to beat York and anyone else in the west suburban conference.

Good luck in the spring and train hard in the winter.

-Luke Chen (class of 2012)

Jim and Noah,

I think I am going to compose a generic “great job winning state”  email so I can just cut and paste each year and avoid some carpel tunnel issues.

I can’t imagine how sweet this win was, especially when you consider all the individual stories your runners had to work through. I have known Alex since he was in  grade school with Camila and I know the obstacles he fought through and how tough last year was for him. It is awesome to think about how he stayed tough all the way through injuries and set backs and when his best was called for he delivered. I was in the triangle with Dave Jackson and when I saw where Josh was I told him I think its over, with Josh up there they can’t lose. Talk about running with abandon, he was not going to be denied.

My words can’t express how happy I am for you two and the whole team. While winning is great, I am most impressed by your humbleness and how you and your team carry themselves. I know you two love to deflect the praise but to have repeated after last year and with major losses due to graduation and all the pitfalls of coming off a state championship was truly a masterful coaching job.

I am truly happy for both of you and the whole team, please relay my congratulations to them and wish them good luck at the Nike regional and beyond.

Jon Thanos (HC class of 1983, 9th place 1982 state meet, big ten champion)


Congratulations on the team’s second consecutive state championship!  After the graduations from last year, I was not sure how well this season would go, but the Red Devils have been tops from the start.   Admittedly, the sectional result gave me some pause, though reading the report of the meet on the Boys CC website helped put matters in perspective.  The team had a great run today.  To put three runners ahead of Sandburg’s first is outstanding, and obviously Gartner and Domiano finishing right with Sandburg’s fourth and fifth runners sealed the win.  Seeing the WSC result this year with four teams in the top six just reinforces the quality of competition the team has faced and beaten.

Thank you for making it so fun to follow the Red Devils from across the country.

Peter Prims


Two Years, Two State Championships, and two years that brought me to tears of pride and joy!!   It goes to show that after all of the years and removed from everything at the high school that being a Red Devil last forever!

I couldn’t be happier for the kids that ran on Saturday, the alternates that worked equally as hard, and to all of their teammates who throughout the year worked together for the success that Hinsdale Central Cross Country Team.  They can enjoy this short moment in their lives as high school students and runners.  The moment however, will last forever.

To you guys, you did a  GREAT JOB this year. It is awesome.  The boys last in school for four years but you guys have at least 20-30 (ala Joe Newton) more years to enjoy this kind of excitement.

I am pumped for the team, you guys, and Hinsdale Central.  It is always, ” A GREAT DAY TO BE A RED DEVIL”!

Pete Schlueter (head coach, HCXC 1981-2004)

Hello Jim & Noah,

On behalf of the Loras College Cross Country Team, I would like to congratulate you and the Hinsdale Central Cross Country Team AGAIN on winning State!  What a great way to end the 2014 cross country season.  Whatever you are doing to get those kids ready to race @ state, it is obviously working!  You should be very proud, you have helped create a great memory that those boys will have the rest of their lives as well some special memories for you.  I hope you both enjoy a much deserved break from coaching.  Much success in 2015, keep it going!

Yours in Running,

Bob Schultz

I’m at a wedding in Vero Beach Florida, and what a great way to wake up.  I just looked at the results–2 in a row!!!  What’s next, walking on water?  It’s hard to win one–all the hard work and dedication pays off again.  It looked like a couple of guys stepped up,believe,believe,believe.

Bill Glasner (HC track coach, 2011-2012)

Jim, Jim and Noah,

A very impressive job today. You have kids that handle adversity well and three coaches with a lot more grey hair.

Jim Knoedel (Head track and cross country coach, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago)

Awesome job Coach Lawrence!! Please pass along congratulations to Coach Westphal, coaching staff, and the victorious Red Devils!!  So proud of you all and happy for you!!

John Herbert (HC class of 1976, 2*all-state)

And, finally, there is this:

Always bet on black...

Always bet on black…

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