A brief history of the 2014 season, in tweets

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The end. New blog: A brief history of the season, in tweets:

So proud. HCXC absolutely rose to the occasion today against such respected competitors. What an amazing day.

HCXC receives message of good luck from alum living in Turkey! Quotes Ataturk: “Fix Bayonets!” Read more:

 · Nov 2

HCXC will be in box 23 for state. Best Illinois sports # (Hester, Ventura, Dye, Sandberg, Jordan)!

Sectional recap: A humbling day, but all that matters is next week.

New Blog: Regional Recap. Theme: “The best teams overcome obstacles.”

Also breaking 5 today for the 1st time (hard to believe) was Soph Ryan Doorhy! Ryan ran 5:01 in indoor track, then got injured. !

Congrats to Ben Schnieders – newest member of the sub 5 club!

New blog up: recap of Conference. Kind of long – so much to say, not enough time to say it all.

Huge props to Alex Lambert and Stefan Rosas for making the 1000 mile club on the last possible day!

WSC Varsity Conference Champs-first time since 1955

Soph boys win Conference! Great races by Bynan and Schneider lead to 57-61-62 win over OPRF and York!

WSC XC meet moved to Proviso West. Same time schedule, York will still host.

New Blog: A few thoughts on what the tentative agreement on a contract in District 86 means to our XC team:

HHSTA Facebook page reports a tentative agreement has been reached between District 86 BOE and teachers

Gartner 14:16, Neumann 14:18, Szczesnyk 14:21. HC-30, LT-28 on Soph level. HC-28, LT-28 at Frosh level…LT wins on tie breaker.

HC-26, LT-29. Madell 14:04, Blake 14:05, Lima 14:07, Brenk 14:07, McB 14:08, Feldman 14:08, Arata 14:12, Zona 14:13, Buechner 14:16, Griff

Productive day for HCXC – solid workout at Waterfall for top 7 early morning, followed by f/s 3rd and JV 2nd at Locktobefest. Planson FTW!

New blog – HCXC alums compete West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest

New blog up: Recap of meet against OPRF and PW:

HC wins all three levels against OPRF and Proviso. Sophs win 28-29, Varsity 15-50, Frosh 23-42. Loud wins Soph, McB wins, Cumberland wins

Ending my run streak today at 964 days.

HC-23, DGN-34: Clev ftw, then McB, Blake, Danner, Feldman, Gartner, Hill, Christensen, Domiano. DGN wins Frosh and Soph levels.

“If one subscribes to Hume, then swag is perception.” – aka Max Maydanchik, on the run today.

HCXC nominated by USMileSplit for National Boys XC Team of the Week – currently in 2nd place – vote here:

Coach Westphal has Hinsdale Central boys as heavy hitters in Illinois again

Great day for HCXC…girls and boys both team champs at First to the Finish in Peoria!

Great article on the Feldman Brothers! Reluctant runner no more, Feldman yearns for another Devils title:

Analysis and recap of Hornet-Red Devil Invite now up:

New Blog: My preview of the Hornet-Red Devil Invite, the symbolic beginning of Autumn:

Lots of people are excited about the first Bears game next weekend; I am excited about the Hornet-Red Devil Invitational!

Great new guest blog from senior Matt McBrien up at on the perils and possibilities of rankings

Finished 90 minute long run…sat around and stretched listening to guys discuss the Romans and Fibonacci’s sequence. Love this team!

Boys get in on the action and nominate alumn Patrick Carpenter, former head coach Fred Miller and :


Embedded image permalink

Shout out to Nathan Hill – first time sub 10! PRs also for Doorhy, Rosas, Belgrad, Anderson, Schnieders, Brenk, and Evertsen in our 3200 TT

New Blog: Start of the season, Kenosha, “What will your verse be?”

Elevating to another level.

Great run today w/ , , and – three of HCXC’s all-time greats. Proud to say I had the longest shorts there.

What is the hardest workout you ever did? My most challenging ten: #25*400 #15*1K #8*1500 -Parksidehillreps

New Blog posted: statistical analysis of HCXC Summer running: McBrien and Feldman remain mileage leaders!

New Blog: Sr. Stefan Rosas reflects upon the teams’ week at UW Camp of Champs

You can’t escape the long arm of ‘the law.’ Ran into Matt Tobia (sr) in NYC yesterday; did a loop in Central Park with him this morning.

On July 15, 1996 I ran 25*400 in a 73 average. On this morning of July 16, 2014, I ran 25*400 in a 69.5 average. .

New blog posted: 1000 mile challenge update #1 (Josh Feldman in the lead, Irvine and McBrien right behind):

Did someone replace Brazil with the Cubs?

New blog: 4 on 4th analysis (w/ shout-out to St. Ig and ), alumni BBQ musings:

HCXC has 14 guys that will be running collegiality at the club or varsity level this fall:

Sleep ->”If I cannot recover from my training, then there is no point training.” -Ryan Hall

“And I’m also saying that win lose or draw, just being involved in such an undertaking was itself ennobling” – Parker Jr.

Just got an IPhone. Nice to join you all in the 21st century. Now I can tweet as much as !

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