Momentum Builds

What an awesome gift our alumni have given us.  A huge thanks to Chris Brenk and Chris Kennedy for collaborating on the second annual alumni support video.  This gives us a strong wind behind our back.  Thanks as well to all the alumni who contributed messages of support in the video:

From the class of 1982(!)-Paul Kivela (12th in the 1981 AA state meet)

From the class of 2011-Billy Fayette (all-state in XC and track), Zach Withall (all-state in track)

From the class of 2013-Dylan Palo, Rajan Khanna, Kevin Labotka, Chris Kennedy

From the class of 2014-Emmett Scully, TJ Caveney (all-state in XC), Kevin Huang (all-state in XC)

From the class of 2015-Griffin Gartner, Matt McBrien, Austin Kleber, Sean O’Flaherty, Nick Tandle, Matt Tobia, Alex Domiano, Sunil Dommaraju, Max Maydanchik, Josh Feldman (all-state in XC)

To all the family, friends, and alums who have sent messages of support, we cannot thank you enough.  It’s not too late to send a message – direct any notes to the top 7 to me ( by Thursday night, and I will make sure they are included in the packet to our team.  Truly, words cannot do justice to how much gratitude I feel for you all.  Now, on to state!

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