2016-The Final Sendoff


Section 1: The Freshman

To the men of HCXC,

Your presence has affected the beginning of my running career. Whether it was a friendly “hello” in the hallway, or a quick word of encouragement before, during, or after a race you guys have made me want to commit to the HCXC program. You guys are the hard working, competitive, committed runners that I would like to be in another 3 years. Run hard, run confident and compete. Go Devils.

-Emmett Drew (class of 2020)

To the men of HCXC

You guys are the greatest around. Just being on the same team as you guys, us younger guys have learned so much about the demeanor, dedication, and pain it takes to have success in this sport. We see day in and day out the sacrifices you guys make for the sport, and the toughness you guys show in races. You guys are also largely responsible for the unity in this team. You guys genuinely care for each and all of your fellow teammates, from freshman to senior, and slowest to fastest. You guys are tremendous role models for me and the rest of the freshman and I’d sincerely like to thank you for that. Best of luck down in Peoria! You guys definitely deserve all the success!

-Chinmay Amin (class of 2020)


To the men of HCXC,

By watching you guys run this year, I have seen what a great team really looks like. Our freshmen team has a long way to go before we are ready to ride that bus up to Peoria, but you guys have shown us what a hard working cross country team can accomplish. We wish you the best of luck and go Devils!

From,   Will Fahy (class of 2020)


As state rolls by, I would like to wish you all good luck. You varsity guys are my inspiration as you fight for our school and try your best. I strive to be just like each and every one of you. For that, thank you. Keep on fighting and do your best at state!!!

Sincerely, Patrick Hsiao (class of 2020)


To the men of HCXC,

This state meet is something I am aspiring to attend within the following three years, and clearly you guys have earned it this time.   Thanks to all of you, I’ve made the decision to dedicate my time and effort into cross country, just as you have done throughout your high school careers.  This is your last cross country meet for those of you seniors, so run this out as hard as you can for the Red Devils, you guys are perfectly capable of running your absolute best for this meet, you’ve worked up to this moment and all of you are ready. Thanks for inspiring all of us to work hard as you guys have done, we really appreciate it.

Mason Steere (class of 2020)


To the men of HCXC,

More appropriately, my upperclassmen, role models, and inspiration for running. I can still remember clearer than ever, the day back in 6th grade when Ryan Doorhy ran from his house to come visit us at our Westview ‘summer camp’. Even back then, I was completely motivated and utterly amazed at the passion and love that he had amounted for this sport. And so, four years ago, before most of you reading this even heard my name, all of you were unknowingly carrying my dreams and passions of running on your back. You guys, who have dedicated yourself to this grueling sport, giving in hours and hours of training to reach the pinnacle of competition that all of you will face at Detweiller. You guys, who are the reason I can say with both confidence and pride, that I am part of the Hinsdale Central Cross Country program. I wish you all the best of luck down in Peoria, and I have no doubt that all of you will perform at the peak of your abilities during the race. As Coach Lawrence would say, MATCH UP! And go Devils!

With great respect, Aaron Lu (class of 2020)



To the men of HCXC,

Watching the effort you guys put in has truly made me the runner I am today. Since the summer after seventh grade, I have watched you put in the effort daily into this sport. Just you guys being there for the rest of the team, saying “hello” in the hallway, or telling us we can do it, and encouraging us in the race, you are the ones that made me commit to running. All of you put the effort day in and day out to the sport and this program. Run hard, and leave everything out there. You are the most committed runners I have seen and I know you guys can do it. Go Hinsdale Central.

From,  Steven Rakos (class of 2020)


Section 2: Alums


I’ll keep it brief because I know this packet is thick. June 13th – November 5th. You guys have put in 145 days of grueling work for tomorrow. Keep your emotions in check and just try and enjoy every moment of your trip. Especially Basta. Gotta love Basta. As for the race you know what to expect and you’re all prepared for it. You’ve gotten out quickly all season long and have done plenty of workouts to mimic the start. Go get em’ men. Turn some corners, turn some heads.

– Nathan Hill, Class of 2016


Thank you. Thank you for representing Hinsdale Central so well over the past several months. The miles you have trained and the miles you have raced have given me an opportunity for pride in my school.

I’m sure you all watched the historic Game 7 that ended the Cubs 108-year drought. Most of you, I assume, were excited, barring Doorhy. My favorite quotes from the episode were Anthony Rizzo’s pregame “There’s no tomorrow after tomorrow,” and Dexter Fowler’s postgame “I feel like we played a whole season in one game.” Those two short quotes contain a preponderance of wisdom. When it comes down to the final moment, you have an amazing opportunity to race one last time. An opportunity to show the state the work you’ve put in on the grandest of stages. And then, after it’s over, the season will be finished and that one race will have felt like a lifetime. Both the Cubs and the Indians may be satisfied in knowing they gave their whole effort to a season’s worth of baseball in one Game 7. That is the ultimate success. To look back and know you held nothing back at the critical moment. And in that way, the most important way, both the Cubs and the Indians are ultimately successful. My only hope is that you may find the same success in Peoria.  Lastly, I’d like to remind you that this team has so many reasons to be proud of what it’s accomplished already. You have inspired me to be the best runner I can be, and I am indebted to you for that.

I wish you the very best of luck,

Matt McBrien, Class of 2015


Dear men of HCXC,

Looking back at my high school running experience, I have one piece of advice to share: Remember why you run. I’m not talking about “running for your brothers” or “racing to win” or “become better, faster, stronger.” I’m talking about why did you, that very first day after the bell rang, walk into the Health Room and go for a run. I didn’t join HCXC to win a championship or because I wanted to become the fastest, I joined because I liked to run. It turned out, there was a place at Central for people like me. Over time, I discovered that the hard work that being on a championship-caliber team entailed was less palatable, and I certainly trained and raced for the reasons above, but at the end of the day, I just loved lacing up my shoes on a beautiful fall day and hearing the leaves crunch under my feet.

For some of you, the past three and a half years together have been filled with laughs and memories, and you will cherish those moments forever. They’ve been made with your teammates sharing something you love. On Saturday, you and those same teammates will be set up behind a bold, white line separating two hundred cross country athletes from three miles of hell. Those three miles will not be easy, and you’ll need the strength of your training and your brothers to conquer it.  But, just before the gun goes off, take a step back and take in the moment. You’re doing what you love on the biggest stage of your high school career. What could be better than that?

Have fun,

Max Maydanchik , Class of 2015



Congrats on taking care of business! You have battled hard this year throughout the ups and downs of the season whilst gaining the needed traction for State. But now, it’s time to seize the opportunity you’ve earned. Take the Peoria experience in, but don’t let it slip away. It’ll go by quicker than you can imagine. Believe in yourself, trust your coaches, trust your teammates, trust yourself! Fight, fight, fight. Run smart, run hard, and you’ll find the good luck HCXC. Keep it Simple Red Devils!  Run Free.
Billy Fayette, Class of 2011


Gents, trust your training, you have more in the tank than you think!  You have great coaches: listen to them and you’ll have a great State!

Sincerely, S. T. Allen ’80

LtCol, USMC (Ret.)


To the men of HCXC

It has been 35 years since I competed at the IHSA State Meet.  Everything is relative, but it is a great achievement even to qualify for the state meet.  I still remember relatively vividly my experience there.  So my advice is simple

  1.  Enjoy your experience
  2.  Go out fast.  A fast doesn’t guarantee a great race but a slow start will doom your chances.
  3.  Stay focused
  4.  Stay in the race.  It is over before you know it.
  5.  Give it everything you have and focus on your race.  (Strange things happen at Championship races.  We were never supposed to win Big Tens, but we did.  We all ran well and the other teams didn’t run so well.)
  6.  Before and after the race sit down and take a few minutes to take in the whole experience and realize what great things you have accomplished.

Congratulations on reaching the State Meet.  Good luck.  I look forward to seeing the results and I look forward to great things from all of you next week and in the future.

All my best

Paul Kivela,   Class of 1982


Section 3: Friends and Family

To the men of HCXC:

It seems only yesterday we were writing our first letters to the XC team competing that first Saturday in November…but that was 2012! Although Matt is now a sophomore at GA Tech and we are living in NYC, we still check the results for HCXC and follow along!

Congratulations to all of you! As you make the trip to Peoria, enjoy every minute!  Remember all the days, the laughs, and the pain that got you here. Some of you this is your senior year and for some the first trip. Remember as you get to the line those that came before and those that will come after. You are part of an awesome legacy! Take a deep breath and run for your teammates, run for your coaches and run for yourself!  Leave nothing back. This is what you’ve worked so hard for. And know that near and far you will have people cheering on the men in red and white!!


Ann & Ed McBrien (Parents of Matt McBrien, class of 2015)


To All the Hinsdale Central Cross Country Team

WOW!  You men have done an outstanding job this year of running well, increasing your best times, meeting your personal and team goals, and maintaining the proud and long standing tradition of Central Red Devil Cross Country dominance.  Stand Tall, Men!

In years to come, you WILL reflect back on this 2016 State meet and say, “I did my best”; “I gave it my all”, “I have no regrets”, or “I could have done better”.  What will it be?  The choice is yours.

All of your school-mates, friends, family, and coaches are praying cheering for you.

You CAN do it!  You WILL do it!

Run hard and Run smart and you will have done your best.

John & Lois Revell, Grandparents of Ethan Planson

To the fantastic Men of HCXC:

First and foremost, I am so very proud of you all.  I know how much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears goes in to all the training you do to get to this level.  No matter how dedicated you are, it’s not always fun, and I applaud you pushing through the difficult days and times to stick with the program and dedicate yourselves to being the finest runners you can be, regardless of whether that puts you first, 10th, or 25th in the state!

I know the weight of the expectations on your shoulders because of the quality of this program and the legacy of all the runners before you, and having to balance all that Hinsdale Central asks of you. It’s quite a bit to handle, but you do it!

I wish you could know how often you are thought about, each one of you!  We now have a college runner, who grew to love this sport and the camaraderie and friendships that this sport gives through all those miles run around this community – it has been the single most rewarding aspect of his life!  The love of sport and the pride of fair competition is what he learned here, and what he still loves because of HCXC. The discipline and values that you have learned will stand you in great stead for the rest of the years of your lives. To be at state is the thrill of a lifetime – these chances don’t come around very often in life, so above all, appreciate being ALIVE and ABLE to give it your all on this amazing course!  You will have great stories to tell about it, and even better memories.  We are truly all behind you, every stride that you take!  Good luck men – we are so proud!  Do your BEST and never give up!

Wendy Brenk (mother of Chris Brenk, class of 2016)


To the HCXC-

Over the years, we’ve watched our 3 sons and daughter compete in sports such as soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball. While we’ve enjoyed watching them all, after watching you boys train and compete, we can say without doubt that the most disciplined, dedicated and impressive athletes are cross country runners. You’ve run in the dark, in the rain, in the snow and in freezing temps without as much as a week off…and tomorrow you will have your moment to run the race of your life. We are all cheering you on from Hinsdale!!

Go Devils!

Lisa & Paul Kusak (parents of Matt)


Dear HCXC team and coaches:

All the best as you head to the State Meet in Peoria! What an exciting place to run…enjoy every minute!

We have watched you train and compete since you were freshmen and know that you are ready to take on the rest of the state. Give it all you’ve got, listen to your amazing coaches and trust in each other.

You have the support of all the former HCXC teams and families who will be cheering for you every step of the way.

Go for it! Run fast, be brave and GO RED DEVILS!!!


Sarah Magnesen (mother of Billy Magnesen, class of 2014, “HCXC Fan for Life”)


To the men of HCXC,

Wear the white proud!!  Push down the jitters and run like the wind is at your back. Have gratitude for being healthy, young and able to move at the speed of light!

Last year at state did not end the way that you wanted.  This year you have a chance to change the ending and leave Detweiller with smiles on your faces.

I cannot wait to see Blake way up front and then a swarm of Devils to follow!!  Picture us calling out your name and cheering for you every step of the way as you ascend, make your turns, move up the pack and sprint to the finish!!

You all are amazing!  Our family has enjoyed these four years immensely! Ryan and the rest…do your best and know that we are very proud of you!!!   God bless,

Mary Kay Doorhy   Mathematics Teacher – Hinsdale Central


What a huge accomplishment and honor it is to represent Hinsdale Central at State.  You have all worked so hard this summer and all season and deserve the chance to go to Peoria and show everyone what your team is made of.  To those running, the Hill Family wishes you each the race of your life on Saturday.  To the alternates, be proud, enjoy the experience and be ready if your team needs you.  To the coaches, thank you for your leadership and passion and for helping these young men get to this place.  We will be rooting for you all the way – Go Red Devils!

Eden, Nathan and Colin Hill

Run hard. Have fun. Go Red Devils!

We’re rooting for you,

The Ricker Family


To the HCXC men and Coaches,

It is 1:40 in the morning and I am exhausted from the emotional highs and lows of watching the Cubs win the World Series. Yeehah! Victory is sweet but the big take away for me listening to all the players and coaches being interviewed is how they all talk about their teammates and how they are there for each other. It is not about individual glory but a true team effort and I first saw this up close in the Hinsdale cross country program that my son was a part of. So for the top 7 running in Peoria, run for yourselves and your coaches and teammates and enjoy every moment of it. And for everyone on the team be so proud that you willingly chose to be a part of a very very hard sport that pushes you every day.

We will be rooting for you on Saturday!!!

Rick and Maureen Scully (parents of Emmett Scully, class of 2014)


Congratulations on qualifying again for the State meet!  You are part of a proud tradition and have done the work and logged the miles to get to this day.  Know that your family, friends and teammates past and present are behind you all the way.  Go out today and run the race you’ve imagined.  Good luck Red Devils!!

The Cumberland Family


Top 12:

By now you have read several passages from friends and family wishing good luck and providing words of wisdom.  All that we ask of you is to remember when you first felt the joy of running.  Remember the first time you had success running and wanted to take it to the next step… committing your time and energy.  You were the pursuer, and began to rapidly pass others by.  Remember that time, put it your heart and use that when you are out on the course.

Seniors, this is your last race as a Red Devil. Relish this time and remember each moment.

Visualize the days when you rapidly passed the others by…THIS is your day.

We are so very proud of you.

-Craig & Jennifer Planson


To the Men of HCXC,

This has not been the easiest of seasons. You know this. But greatness does not come from easy. It comes from learning how to deal with challenges, and challenges there have certainly been this season. Now it is time to put those lessons to use. Now is your moment. You are running well, running strong, and running like a team. Saturday is the perfect time to peak, and peak you will! You know Detweiler. You know your opponents. You know how well you are capable of running! You KNOW you can do this!  And we know you can do this too!  GO HCXC!

Sue O’Connell (Sean’s Mom)


Dear State-bound Hinsdale Central Cross Country Runners, I am looking forward to seeing this team turn in a season-best performance at Detweiller this coming Saturday. I realize this season hasn’t consistently lived up to the expectations you had for yourselves just yet, but you’ve done all the right things in terms of focus, workouts, etc. Saturday, November 5th is the day you put it all together. You guys have the talent, depth and preparation to make some noise on Saturday. Embrace the moment!

Rob Schnieders


Best of luck tomorrow! Remember to stay focused, believe in your training and don’t hold back at the finish. You’ve got this!  -Mrs. Lawrence


Dear Coach and Runners:

You worked hard, spent time and effort to get to this point. Your endurance and hard work eventually will be rewarded.

Wish you good luck

Masoud Fathizadeh


To the men of HCXC-

It was my pleasure to talk with a number of you this summer during your training and team-building trip to UW-Parkside.

First, I want to wish you well in the state meet. Your coaches have prepared you, the tough team and individual competition in the WSC Silver has prepared you, and you have prepared yourself through hard training and self-discipline, honed to a fine edge by your dedication to the sport and to your teammates.

Second, race smart. Stay within yourself and know when you should or should not make a move. It’s easy to say “Run fast!”—as many fans will urge. That’s all well and good, but in cross country place is what counts and the fast time will come if you adhere to your race plan.

Third, embrace the state meet experience. This is one of those “forever moments” that will stay in your mind as a one-of-a-kind bonding experience with your teammates that will linger in your memory long after everyone has forgotten the results. And if you’re a bit awed or slightly nervous, don’t sweat it. The guy from the other team next to you on the starting line is feeling the same.

Hinsdale Central has built a terrific legacy in cross country over the last few years.  Remember that you are not only running for your current coaches and current teammates but also for coaches and teams of the past—whether they ran well or not—because they all contributed, just by competing, to making the program the success and model for others that it is today.

Run for future HCXC runners, too. Maybe a seventh or eighth grader who’s never run a step will be inspired by something one of you does at state and figure that he can do that as well.

Good luck, guys.  Best wishes,

Don Kopriva


Congratulations on continuing the Red Devils streak of consecutive state finals appearances.  Thank you to the seniors for your leadership, beginning as freshmen when HCHS won its first state title in 2013.   Nobody knows Detweiller better than this team, and this coaching staff.   Good luck on Saturday to #RunHCXC!”

Thank you.

Brent Hill (father of Alec)


To the men of HCXC,

At the pasta dinner last week, it was evident what an honorable group of young men you are.  For our family, it has been a privilege to watch you all grow both as young men and dedicated runners.  These four years of sharing the cross country experience will be some of our best memories.

The coaches have gotten you incredibly prepared physically.  Keep in mind all the people who share the support of the Red Devils around the world.  Run for them and run for your teammates.  You represented yourselves very well at Regionals, which was the last KLM race for the seniors.  Do the same at your last Detweiller race.  I can’t wait to see you guys run to your full potential on Saturday.  Good luck!

Brendan Doorhy

Coach Westphal and Lawrence, we send our best wishes to you and the boys for the state xc meet  this weekend in Peoria! The team is so incredibly focused and an inspiration to many; and this will definitely be reflected in the results on Saturday!! Thank you for a great season…Go Red Devils!!😍

Best wishes,

the Gerami family

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